Episode 6: Discoverability of Construction Deficiencies, March 2019

Brennan Maynard, associate, and Madalina Sontrop, articling student, discuss three recent decisions regarding discoverability of construction deficiencies under provincial limitation acts in Ontario and Alberta.

Cases cited:

Episode 5: Collaborative Settlement, March 2019

Duncan Glaholt, partner, and Bruce Reynolds, partner at Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP, discuss a groundbreaking collaborative settlement model for alternative dispute resolution, in a discussion moderated by Jay Nathwani, associate.

Episode 4: Jacobs v. Leboeuf Properties Inc., February 2019

Brennan Maynard, associate, and Andrew Salvador, associate, discuss Jacobs v. Leboeuf Properties Inc., 2018 ONSC 4795.

Additional cases cited:

  • Greater Toronto Airports Authority Assn. Inc. v. Foster Wheeler Ltd. (2011), 2011 ONSC 1442.
  • Active Fire Protection 2000 Ltd. v. B.W.K. Construction Co., 2005 CanLII 24226 (ON CA).
  • Madison Developments Ltd. v. Plan Electric Co., 1997 CanLII 1277 (ON CA).

Episode 3: Diversity in Construction: Views from the Industry, February 2019

Andrea Lee, partner, and Kaleigh Du Vernet, articling student, talk about diversity in the construction industry with Faisal Gaya, a project director at Multiplex in Toronto, Kerri Smeaton, a lawyer with Infrastructure Ontario in Toronto, and Magda Warshawski, an architect with Dialog in Edmonton.

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Episode 2: Capelet v. Brookfield Homes (Ontario) Limited, January 2019

Max Gennis, associate, and Katherine Thornton, articling student, discuss Capelet v. Brookfield Homes (Ontario) Limited, 2018 ONCA 742.

Episode 1: Liens Under the Construction Act, January 2019

Brendan Bowles, partner, and Katherine Thornton, articling student, discuss liens under the Construction Act.

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