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Contract Review and Drafting

Glaholt Bowles LLP provides construction-specific contract review services to identify areas of exposure or potential concern in construction contracts. Our team’s extensive experience and expertise in the field of construction litigation puts our lawyers in a unique position to review contracts at the drafting stage, during the construction phase of a project when the parties may be seeking to enter into an amending agreement, or at the project’s close out, when settlement documents may be required.

Not every construction project is the same, and many of our clients are on the forefront of using new technological advances to streamline their project. With more complex projects, Glaholt Bowles LLP will use a  holistic approach and work with dedicated client teams to review concepts and documents to ensure that contractual terms accurately and effectively capture their intended purpose.

Our team can help ensure that our clients’ contracts are workable, allocate risk appropriately, have mechanisms to avoid or efficiently manage disputes and are in conformance with the Construction Act, including the prompt payment regime, lien provisions and the adjudication process.

Companies and individuals are well advised not to enter into contracts drafted by their counter-party without first obtaining legal advice.


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